Friday, 28 November 2008

Fetal well being

Fetal Growth & Fetal well being are different aspects fetal evaluation.
Deficiencies in fetal well being could be associated with fetal growth restriction but it may also be present in fetal macrosomia(diabetes).

Fetal Growth is evaluated by
(I) clinical assessment of uterine size
(II)symphysiofundal height
(III)USS measurements of abdominal circumference

Fetal well being is evaluated by
(I)kick count chart
(II)CTG-non stress test
(III)Amniotic fluid index
(IV)biophysical profile
(V)umbilical artery doppler

Components of biophysical profile are.Each component is given a score of 2.
(I)Fetal movements
(II)Fetal respiratory movements
(III)Fetal tone
(IV)Amniotic Fluid index
(V)CTG-non stress test

Liquor assess chronic hypoxia other 4 parameters assess acute hypoxia

10/10 risk of fetal asphyxia in week 1<1000>2 weeks
3-abnormal venous Doppler
4-abnormal cardiograph/BPP


Chromosomal findings in early miscarriage
40% normal 60% abnormal

Chromosomal abnormalities

Downs syndrome-
1-trisomy 21
2-Robertsonian translocation

60% aborted
20%still birth

Robertsonian in Downs 96% denovo
21:21 trans location is 100% recurrence

Maternal age related to all trisomies

Autosomal recessive

Cystic fibrosis 1:2500 babies in U.K
Sex linked recessive
Duchenne Muscular dystropy free fetal DNA can be done to check the sex


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

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