Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Child protection

Child protection is governed by law

children act(1989)-It describes 4 important concepts

1.The child's welfare is paramount
2.Parental responsibility
3.Children are best cared by both parents
4.Children are individual in their own right

Other important documents related to child protection:
A.Section 28 of the children act 2004
B.Lord Laming recommendations 2003

Child protection overrides confidentiality.Don't promise confidentiality when dealing with child protection.

Needs ensure effective inter agency communication.

Assessment framework
Parenting capacity
Child development needs
Family&social interaction

Child abuse is linked domestic violence-Antenatal routine enquiry into domestic abuse is helping to identify potential cases.

Child abuse is handled by MARAC-multi agency risk assessment conference

Child abuse is linked to substance abuse.

Managing disclosure
1-take allegation seriously
2-record accurately sign date
3-don't promise confidentiality
4-listen don't press for information
5-explain what you will do next
6-reassure the child or person

Types of abuse
1-physical abuse(non accidental injury)
2-neglect-difficult to set the limits
3-emotional abuse-difficult to set the limits long term implications difficult to prove witnessing domestic violence
4-sexual abuse

Role of the doctor

1.Examination of child
3.Arrange treatment medical follow up
4.Prepare written report

1-medical emergency consent is not required
2-16 years and over can give own consent
3- Children under 16 years Fraser/Gillick competence
4-parental responsibility
5-may need PPO(police protection order)

more information on consent on children

Child over friendliness with strangers could be a sign emotional neglect.

Child abuse photograph taken by police officers because they need to be submitted in the court.

Any baby with unexplained bruises- skeletal survey is important

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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

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power presentation on basic life support

Emergency training in second life

UK resuscitation council

European council of Resuscitation

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