Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mnemonic for Chronic pelvic pain

I found this very useful mnemonic in a book called Practical Gynecology -A Guide for the primary physician(Amazon Link)


O-Onset When & How the pain started?

C-Characteristic -colicky/stabbing/burning
A-Alleviating/Aggravating factors
A-Associated symptoms Gynacologic-Dyspareunia,dysmenorrhagia,vaginal discharge GI-constipation/diarrhoea/Rectal bleeding GU-frequency/dysuria/urgency/incontinence

T-Temporal what is the relationship to (i)time the day (ii)menstrual cycle
S-severity Sclae of 0-10

International criteria for painful bladder syndrome

(i) Urinary urgency,frequency,nocturia,and suprapubic or pelvic pain.
(ii)Final diagnosis for interstitial cystitis : with cystoscopic hydrodistension visualise
(i)Mucosal ulcers(Hunner's patch)
(ii)Glomerulations(small mucosal haemorrhages)
(iii) Urine cultures negative and no signs of malignancy

Rome III Criteria for Diagnosis of irritable Bowel syndrome

Recurrent abdominal pain for or discomfort for more than or equal to 3 days /month for the past 3 months associated with two or more  of the following.

(i)Improvement with defecation and/or

(ii)Onset associated with a change in frequency of stool and /or

(iii) Onset associated with a change in form (appearnce) of stool

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