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50 video clips on pregnancy

links to video clips on pregnancy - continuously updated(last update:13/12/2008)

Sources-Mayo clinic,Youtube,Videojug,etc.


Amniocentesis a procedure in which fluid around the fetus is taken to check the baby,for example to check for Down syndrome.

Bladder control in Pregnancy

Breast feeding

Caesarean section

caesarean section(part 1)-even if you are awake during the operation you won't be seeing the procedure as shown in the video.some patient's didn't like seeing this video prior to the operation.

caesarean section (part 2)

car travel in pregnancy-How to wear seat belt during pregnancy?

Chorionic villus sampling-This is procedure in which sample from the afterbirth(placenta) is obtained to test the baby for certain conditions(example Down syndrome).

conception-What factors affect your ability to become pregnant?

Diabetes-What should the diabetic women do prior to the pregnancy?

Watch Diabetes and Pregnancy in Family Videos | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

Down syndrome-How is Down sydrome is diagnosed? When you'll be offered Down syndrome screening?

Perinatology - Problem Pregnancies: Pregnancy And Down Syndrome

Ectopic pregnancy(Video1)-What happens if a pregnancy occurs outside a womb?

Perinatology - Problem Pregnancies: Ectopic Pregnancy

Perinatology - Problem Pregnancies: Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy(video2)-more on pregnancy outside the womb.

Emotions in Pregnancy

Epidural -an option as pain relief in labour

Exercise in pregnancy -What exercise can you do in pregnancy?How much exercise can you do in pregnancy?

Pregnancy Lifestyle: Pregnancy Exercise

More video clips on pregnancy

Video clips on Women's health

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