Wednesday, 15 October 2008

What I learned this week?

Simple rules to distinguish between malignant and benign adnexal masses

Five simple rules to predict malignancy(M-rules)
1-irregular solid tumour
3-at least 4 papillary processes
4-irregular mutilocular solid tumour with a largest daimeter of atleast 100mm
5-very high color score using color Doppler

Five simple rules to suggest benign tumor(B-rules)
1-unilocular cyst
2-presence of solid components where the largest solid component is <7mm in largest diameter.
3-acoustic shadows
4-smooth mutilocular tumor less than 100mm in largest diameter
5-no detectable blood flow at doppler examination

What is BOLD MRI?
BOLD stands for blood oxygen level -dependent effect in MRI.It is based on the fact ,that the magnetic properties at haemoglobin vary depending on its oxygenation .It is realiable non-invasive method for measuring changes in tissue oxygenation in the fetus.*

pregnancy-associated plasma protein (PAPP-A) are associated to both increased risk of aneuploides and impaired trophoblast.

First trimester screening markers-These are altered in pregnancies conceived after IVF/ICSI(ovarian stimulation)*

Primary CMVinfection with normal U/S and MRI follow up have favorable outcome for the infant.If the U/S followup alone is considered normal the riks for sequlae is minimal.*