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Eczema in pregnancy

This is the commonest dermatosis associated with pregnancy. Eczema is a multifactorial disease controlled by genetic predisposition & environmental factors.

Effect of pregnancy on Eczema
25% of pregnant women with eczema improve but more than 50% deteriorate.
Deterioration occur at anytime but more common in second trimester.

Effect of Eczema on pregnancy

Generally eczema doesn't affect fertility or the pregnancy.Genetic & environmental factors determine the development of eczema in a child.It is important to recognize & treat eczema herpeticum as this could lead to serious maternal mortality & morbidity.Aciclovir should be commenced on clinical suspicion and the diagnosis can be confirmed by viral swab.

Preconceptional counselling

(i)Optimize the control of eczema by avoiding the irritants & allergens,using emollients & topical steroids.

(ii)Patients who had systemic treatment should ensure adequate drug free interval
Example conception should be avoided for three months after methotrexate (males & females)

During pregnancy:

The streroids should be used in minimum strengths & quantities.

Sedative antihistamine would help with sleep.

Secondary infections often require systemic antibiotics therapy.

The following are safe treatments options :
emollients,topical steroids (mild, moderate, or potent),Ultraviolet B

These options are relatively contraindicated:very potent topical steroids,oral steroids,Ciclosporin,azathioprine,topical calcineurin inhibitors
The following options are contraindicated:methotrexate,psoralens plus ultraviolet A (PUVA)

ciclosporin crosses the placenta but data from transplant patients indicate it is relatively safe.These patients need regular assessment of full blood count,renal function & blood pressure.

Azathioprine crosses the placenta but the fetal liver lacks the enzyme to convert it into active metabolite.Patients on azathioprine has to have regular full blood count & liver function tests.

More information on topical calcineurin inhibitors

Example :tacrolimus and pimecrolimus

Systemic therapy is teratogenic but absorption from topical treatment is very small.The patient should be counseled about the risk.

Eczema of nipple

Emollients & low to moderate potency steroids are first line treatment.These are applied after breast feeding and should be washed away just before the next feed.
Ultraviolet B is safe but methotrexate & ciclosporin should be avoided.

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